Choosing Healthy Diet for Cats

Are you looking for a healthy diet for cats? You might have heard of various brands of cat food advertised today including Wellness Core cat food. This is one of the balanced cat food formula based on what cats have eaten many years ago, which was primarily meat.  The healthy diet that you should look for must be extremely high in protein, which is great for cats as a lot of lesser products contain very little meat content which can lead to complications for cats if they’re not getting the correct nutrition.

Perfect Cat Food Diet

Also, ensure that when buying food for your feline companion, ingredients should have a unique mixture of botanicals and nutritional supplements giving cats exactly what they need. This will ensure a healthy, cheerful and playful cat.

Not all cat food diet were made the same with higher levels of minerals. Pet owners can avoid health complications caused by inferior products, and some other problems caused by high levels of phosphorus which include: poor growth rates, skin lesions and extremely low red blood cell counts which is very dangerous for cats. Look for a type of healthy diet for cats that gives exactly the required amount of minerals and vitamins needed to ensure healthiness in cats.  Here is a checklist of what you need to look for a healthy cat diet:

  • Diet must be 100% free of grain.
  • Should be complete & balanced for everyday feeding.
  • Should not have fillers or any meat by-products.
  • Must include omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and probiotics.
  • Should be made with gluten-free ingredients.
  • With Taurine for heart health.

Cats certainly require proper food in order to stay healthy. If you have a pet cat, you should pay complete attention to her diet. If she doesn’t like what you are giving her, it is probably because you are not giving her the proper cat diet.

Recommended Healthy Diet For Cats

Selection Tips

You should know that cats and any other pets for that matter are not really fussy. They need healthy food. You should keep this in mind when you go out to buy cat diet food. Here are a few excellent tips that will help you out in selecting the best food.

  • Many cat owners tend to give their cats dog food. Dog food is different from cat food and if you give her dog food, she will suffer from illness. Some of the problems your cat may face are vitamin deficiencies and night blindness.
  • While vitamin A is necessary, you should make sure you don’t give too much of it. Overdose of vitamin A can cause loss of hair and sterility.
  • While raw food cat diet is ideal, you shouldn’t give your cat raw fish. Raw fish may contain a few diseases that can harm your cat significantly.
  • If you prefer canned cat diet, you should understand that the water in the canned food is not enough. You have to provide fresh and clean water at all times.
  • You should make sure you buy the right healthy diet for cats, such as the cat kidney diet if she needs it, so that she will not need additional vitamin supplements and mineral supplements anymore.
  • You should also remember that treats are included in a cat diet too. You should be very careful about the kinds of treats you buy her. They should be nutritious and tasty at the same time.
  • Cats don’t like sharing food. They will not appreciate it when you feed two or more different animals together. You should understand your cat’s needs and preferences and then feed her accordingly. There are cats that refuse to eat all week if they don’t like how you feed them. You should, thus, be very careful.
  • Needless to say, you should never place her food near her litter tray. She will not touch it.

If you follow these tips of cat diet, your cat will eat well and stay healthy. Healthy cats are happy cats that don’t suffer from any illnesses or health issues.

Cat in a basket with fruits and vegetables
A Gradual Change in Diet

A lot of cat foods on the market today are heavily grain based and contain very little meat content. This can lead to dehydration in cats, which of course can lead to some serious health problems. Cats generally do not have high levels of thirst, so ensuring they receive moisture is important to their overall health.

When is your kitten ready for adult foods? Your adorable kitten is quickly growing into an adult cat, and it is time to start planning a healthy cat diet appropriate for an adult cat. While many cat owners may believe that there is little difference between kitten food and adult food, the opposite could not be more true. Nutritional needs vary greatly in the different stages of your cat’s life. Your cat food should meet all of these needs. Outgrowing kitten foods is just one step in a cat’s life, and careful consideration should go into planning their adult diet.


Looking for An Adult Cat Food

When looking for an adult cat food, there are a few things to take into consideration.

  • Look for quality ingredients. Always read the labels.
  • Check studies related to taste. Your cat needs to enjoy the taste of their new cat food
  • Product guarantees.
  • Make sure the cat food meets all standards of the Association of American Feed Control


Guide to Healthy Cat Diet

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Cat Food

By following these simple tips, outgrowing kitten foods and choosing an appropriate adult cat food can be relatively simple matter. There are several good reasons as to why the choice of cat food is so important. The results lead to a longer, healthier life for your cat, and prolonged enjoyment for both of you. Some other benefits are also seen as a result of a healthy cat.

  • A well defined strong muscle tone. Needed for jumping and play.
  • A glossy coat, soft and sleek to the touch.
  • Strong, healthy teeth and gums.
  • Healthy skin and bones.
  • Clear eyes.
  • Stools are small and firm, neither runny or too hard.

When you are ready to switch your kitten to adult cat food, you need to make the adjustment slowly. A complete rapid switch can lead to digestive problems, so it is recommended that you make the switch over a period of time. Start with a small addition of the adult food mixed in with the kitten food, increasing the ratio of adult food each day until the meal is comprised completely of the adult food.

Wild cats live on a meat diet and this is what cat’s should all eat, a raw meat diet would be the perfect option but it can become expensive and keeping fresh meat can also impose space limitations.  Slowly changing a cat’s diet to Wellness Core cat food will greatly improve the health and happiness of your cat. A good diet can improve energy levels and help lose weight, a lot of cats are sedentary overweight and with poor fur, changing to a well-rounded high meat content product will improve all of the aforementioned.

There have been lots of positive reports from people their cats no longer need certain medication such as insulin shots when they start feeding their cats with proper and balanced diet.  Giving your cat the correct food will vastly improve its health for the better.